Bliss Yoga & Pilates is now Sandstone Yoga & Pilates

20th March 2017
Bliss Yoga & Pilates is now Sandstone Yoga & Pilates

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for your patience over the last couple of months!  I am so pleased to let you know that Bliss Yoga became Sandstone Yoga & Pilates this morning.

We still have the same values as before but we chose Sandstone as our brand name as it:

has a very powerful spiritual meaning
is the stone of creativity
strengthens relationships and brings communities together
helps you to stay focussed happy and discern the truth

Additionally we have successfully franchised our yoga studio and teacher training course.

This means we have a model that can be easily delivered by other people who enter into a franchise with us.  They will be able to develop their own high-performing yoga studio with classes, workshops & courses.  They will be able to offer Yoga Alliance Professionals 200 TT and international retreats from day one of opening.  We are developing Aldridge as our national HQ with a strong back office team to provide training, support and marketing to make each studio sing.

All Sandstone studios will still have the following 5 values at the core:
1. A warm welcome
2. Non-competitive
3. Authentic practice
4. Highly trained teachers
5. An afterglow that lasts

Franchising removes a lot of risk when opening any business.

We have chosen franchising as our preferred expansion model as we believe that franchisees will have a vested interest in maintaining the high standards and reputation of Sandstone and will directly benefit from their hard work as their franchise business grows.

Independent research shows that franchising is a strong business model for franchisees with the British Franchise Association reporting that 92% of all UK franchisees being profitable over the last 12 months.  We are joining the BFA too.

From a franchisors perspective the British Franchise Association state that franchising provides a network of owner-operators which provides a more robust business compared to simply installing managers.  I am completely committed to developing a network of successful lifestyle business owners, who love the brand and blossom into really strong business people in their own right.

Therefore franchising Sandstone will bring benefits to both us and our Sandstone franchisees.  A true win - win scenario.

The Franchise Prospectus tells you more about the Sandstone franchise opportunity.  If you want a copy you can email or go to the signup form on our franchise page on our new site I would love to hear your thoughts.

NOTHING IS CHANGING FOR YOU GUYS and I am so proud to present Sandstone to the world with you by my side.

Om Namah Shivaya

Michelle xxx

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Bliss Yoga & Pilates is now Sandstone Yoga & Pilates
Bliss Yoga & Pilates is now Sandstone Yoga & Pilates
20 March 2017
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